Frequently asked questions

What does weforyou take care of?

What do I have to take care of as the owner?

Nothing. All the formalities related to the holiday rental will be carried out by weforyou, so the owner doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

How do I receive the income from the holiday rental activity of my property?

A payment is made each month showing the monthly income and all management-related expenses (all expenses will be duly justified with their corresponding invoices). This payment will be transferred by weforyou to the owner, who must provide an invoice for this amount.

Can I find out the performance of my property before the monthly payment is made?

Yes, at any time. You will have full access to an up-to-date document with all present, past and future bookings. You are in control of the status of your property’s bookings at all times.

Can I use my property on specific occasions?

Yes, of course, as long as there are no bookings at the time. Therefore, it is best if you give us plenty of notice so that we can block out the dates you need, before we receive a booking.

What is the minimum duration of the management contract? Is there a minimum commitment period?

The minimum contract period is one year.

How much notice must I give to terminate the contract?

To terminate the contract, you must notify us at least 3 months in advance. Remember that the minimum contract period is one year.

Who pays for cleaning in bookings?

Always the guest.

Is a deposit charged to guests in case of damage?

We always request a deposit from guests, which is returned after their departure and inspection of the property. In the case of damage, the corresponding part of the deposit will be retained, justifying the cost of the damage to the guest.

Do I have to leave sheets and towels at the property?

No. At weforyou we take care of providing all the sheets and towels used by guests during their stay at your property.